The skirt is one of the most valuable items that every woman should have in her wardrobe. However, not every skirt type is suitable for every body shape. Therefore, before adding a skirt to your wardrobe, you need to determine your body type and shop accordingly. Are you ready to determine which of the many different skirt types such as pencil, maxi, asymmetrical and mini  skirts are  suitable for your body with the guide we have prepared for you?


Determine Your Body Type


Learning your body type is the first step necessary for you to make the right choices not only when buying skirts, but also for all types of clothing and to achieve stylish looks. Skirt models that look good in every body shape can vary. Body types in general; categorized as inverted triangle, rectangle, apple, pear and hourglass.


Learning your body type is the first step necessary for you to make the right choices not only when buying skirts, but also for all types of clothing and to achieve stylish looks.


First, let’s talk about body types;

  • Rectangular bodies;  They are the bodies where the waistline is not prominent and there is an equal transition from the upper body to the lower body.
  • Inverted triangle body type;  They are bodies with broad shoulders and a larger upper body than a lower body.
  • Hourglass body type;  Shoulder and hip width are proportional bodies.
  • Pear-shaped bodies; These are the bodies where the chest circumference is quite thin and the lower body is wide.
  • Apple-shaped bodies are;  It defines a body structure with a wide chest circumference and narrowing from the waist to the legs.

Now we can start the tricks we have prepared for you to determine your skirt choice according to your body type!


Best Skirt Models for Rectangle Body Type


If you have a rectangular body type, you can find many options suitable for your straight body. In this type of body, asymmetrical cuts, flounces or frills are recommended to camouflage the slimness of the legs and the flatness of the form. You can go out to dinner with your friends after work by completing your asymmetrical  midi skirt with a jacket and red lipstick.


Best Skirt Patterns for Inverted Triangle Body Type


If you have an inverted triangle-shaped body type, you can turn to bell-shaped or pleated models to maintain balance since your shoulders are wider than your hips. You can get cool street looks by combining your skirts  with white t-shirts or knitwear and sneakers   .


Best Skirt Patterns for Hourglass Body Shape


If you have an hourglass body shape; Since you have a thin waist and proportional chest-hip form, you can make assertive choices that will reveal this. Pencil skirts  are known as one of the models that best show the hourglass type women’s bodies. You can emphasize your feminine look by combining your pencil skirt with tight blouses and stilettos.


Best Skirt Patterns for Pear Shape


If you have a pear shape, since the lower part of your body is thicker than the top, you need to turn to models that will emphasize the waist line and cover the excess in your legs. A-cut skirts are among the saviors of women with pear body type. In addition, you can choose skirts that will create a shadow effect such as black or brown in the lower region.


Best Skirt Patterns for Apple Body Shape


Since the belly and leg areas are thicker in the apple type body structure, A-cut skirts are more suitable. It is important to deflect attention from your legs and mid-torso by emphasizing the waistline as much as possible. You can create wonderful winter and autumn combinations by using your A-cut skirts with boots and knitwear sweaters.


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