Air conditioners are preferred in the scorching heat of the summer months, and are preferred for heating and humidification in the winter months. In other words, air conditioners, which provide benefits in all four seasons, find a place for themselves in both home and office environments. These products need to be cleaned regularly in order to increase the lifespan, minimize the energy consumption and get high performance from the products.

Moreover, cleaning air conditioners directly affects their performance by preventing bacteria from producing and spreading viruses. Therefore, air conditioning cleaning is one of the most important issues.


The question of what to clean the air conditioner with is frequently investigated by people who want to increase the life of their air conditioner and provide high performance. The air conditioner can be cleaned at home with traditional methods such as vinegar and detergent, or it can be cleaned with an air conditioner spray and air conditioner foam. However, these methods have some tricks and risks. So, how and with what should air conditioner cleaning be done? If you are looking for a guide for yourself on air conditioner cleaning, you can continue reading our article.


Air conditioning cleaning is carried out by various methods. However, it is necessary to pay attention to one detail, which is split air conditioners, which are called household air conditioners. These air conditioners consist of two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. While the outdoor unit is placed outside the house, the indoor unit is naturally located inside the house. At this point, the cleaning of the outdoor unit is among the issues of utmost importance.

Cleaning of the outdoor unit gives an effective result only when it is done by experts in the field. Because it requires knowledge and experience, it is a healthy practice when it is maintained by experts. That’s why we’re talking about indoor unit maintenance, which you can easily clean at home. Now, let’s look for an answer to our question of how to clean the air conditioner:

  • Before starting the air conditioner cleaning, we lower the switch from the fuse box and turn off the electricity. In this way, we prevent possible accidents during maintenance. Then we open the cover of our air conditioner and remove the filters of the air conditioner.
  • The trick to removing the filter is to hold it by the ends and pull it towards the outside. The section where the filter is located may differ depending on the air conditioner model. You can refer to the user manual to find out whether the filter is located at the top or the front of your air conditioner.
  • You will witness how dirty the filter you remove from the air conditioner is. When you hold this filter under the tap to clean, you can use a toothbrush as well as a vacuum cleaner if you want. If you have washed the filter, you can put it on a dry cloth to dry.

Warning: There are two points that you should pay attention to at the above stage. The first of these is not to run the air conditioner without a filter, while the second is not to dry the air conditioner filter in direct sunlight.

  • After the filters are cleaned as necessary and dried, you can put them back on the areas you removed. At this stage, if you wish, you can wipe the grilles of the air conditioner with a damp cloth. However, you should not neglect to rinse it with a dry cloth.
  • After successfully completing the aforementioned steps, you can start using your air conditioner.

Warning: There are also air conditioner cleaning sprays you can choose for these processes. However, cleaning these sprays well is among the important issues. If not cleaned, these products are not recommended to be preferred personally, as they will harm both your health and your air conditioner. If you think it is more appropriate to clean your air conditioner with a cleaning spray, it is healthier to seek help from an expert.

Apart from air conditioner cleaning spray and foam, vinegar is a preferred material to clean the air conditioner. However, there is a possibility that vinegar will damage your air conditioner. It also has some disadvantages such as the smell of vinegar coming from the air conditioner for a while. Both experts and experienced people do not recommend the aforementioned option.


How often should air conditioner cleaning be done? The question is among the questions that air conditioner users seek answers to. This may vary depending on the frequency of operation of the air conditioner used, the area of ​​​​the air conditioner and the size of the air conditioner.

For air conditioners preferred at home, it is generally recommended to have maintenance done once every 6 months. Moreover, this maintenance is recommended to be done in the spring and autumn months. Air conditioner cleaning carried out in the aforementioned months allows high efficiency to be obtained from that air conditioner in winter and summer months.

It is of great importance that the air conditioners used in offices, workplaces and production facilities are cleaned and checked every 3 months. Filter cleaning of frequently used air conditioners should be done once a week or once every 15 days.

It is correct to change the filter of air conditioners with 3M filters every 3 months. In addition, frequently used air conditioners should be regularly maintained by the authorized service every year.


Air conditioners, which are frequently preferred in homes, workplaces and production facilities, draw attention as products that provide air circulation. These air conditioners, which work continuously and balance the air of the environment, can remove dust etc. in the area. factors can easily accumulate in their filters. Dust and dirt accumulated in the filter can cause bad odors to spread over time. Not only that, viruses and bacteria in the filter can threaten your health.

Dirt, dust, bacteria and viruses accumulated in the filter of the air conditioner over time also manage to adversely affect the performance of the air conditioner. Although it is set to the ideal heat setting, it does not perform the cooling or heating process you desire. In addition to this, it also causes an increase in energy consumption, thus causing you to face high electricity bills. This is one of the factors that no user would ever want.

Finally, air conditioning cleaning should not be overlooked for many details such as eliminating factors that may pose a risk to your health, prolonging the life of the air conditioner, preventing the spread of bad odors, and ensuring that the air conditioner performs as it should.


Whether air conditioner maintenance and air conditioner cleaning are the same thing is among the questions frequently asked by air conditioner users. Air conditioner cleaning draws attention as an application that each individual will do to purify the dust and dirt accumulated in the filter. Air conditioner maintenance, on the other hand, is something completely different as a maintenance performed by experts and experienced people.

In order for the air conditioner to be long-lasting and not pose a risk to your safety, it should be installed by experts in the field. In this maintenance, important operations such as pressure measurement, flow measurement, general controls of indoor and outdoor units are carried out. As a result of this maintenance, it is also possible to detect the problems in the air conditioner beforehand, to make the necessary applications and thus to ensure its safety. So why is air conditioning maintenance important? The probable answer to the question is given. The aforementioned maintenance and cleaning play a superior role in extending the life of the air conditioner.

We answered many questions such as how to clean and maintain the air conditioner, what to clean the air conditioner with and what is the importance of air conditioner cleaning. Based on the answers to the aforementioned questions, you can perform a cleaning or maintenance, or you can perform a healthy cleaning by getting information from your air conditioner’s user manual. In this way, you will do the healthiest and most necessary maintenance for your air conditioner.

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