New Samsung Galaxy With Flip 2 they may come with three cameras

The production of smartphones is working again, even if it hasn’t been at the pace of several months. Samsung has been developing new hardware, including the second version already presented, such as the Galaxy Fold 2. I was still expecting this.

But surprises can go further. This is because the South Korean company has registered a patent for the Galaxy C Flip 2, where you can see the presence of a triple camera.


As we said above, after several rumors about the possibility of a new Galaxy, it is already known that the second edition of this Samsung foldable smartphone will arrive this year in 2020.

But new products, namely the introduction of a high-end brand, cannot stop there.

Samsung files patent for Galaxy C Flip 2 with triple camera

According to a patent filed by Samsung with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), there is a Galaxy Being weighted with Flip 2. But this feature has an even more interesting function, since the patent displays images stacked using a three-camera system. The current model has two cameras.

The company will then focus mainly on photography, as the photographs show hardware similar to its first edition.

New Samsung Galaxy Of Flip 2 They May Come With Three Cameras 2

Another interesting piece of information that can be seen in the patent is that Samsung has yet to decide on the layout and dimensions of the camera system, as well as the rear screen.

Model A shows both components horizontally, similar to the Galaxy C Flip we already know. But model B has a different version, which has cameras placed vertically and the screen is wider, horizontally.New Samsung Galaxy Of Flip 2 They May Come With 3 Triple CamerasSo far, only this information is known in the form of a patent. But if Samsung goes a long way with this idea, it’s very likely that we’ll find out more details soon, such as camera specs, general specs, price, and availability.

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