How would you like to invest in flats right now?

Ballet flats, which remind us of nostalgic school years when combined with the classic stance of black, have an unexpectedly powerful position on the fashion scene nowadays. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it owes its place at the top to Kate Moss in the past and Miu Miu today.

This shoe model, which has preserved its existence in the history of fashion with its “innocent” appearance until today, proves to us that it can take on many different characters in the 2023 Spring/Summer season thanks to brands such as Sunnei and MM6 Maison Margiela. Tod’s and Simone Rocha, on the other hand, give the flats a more lively look through shiny fabrics.


Simone Rocha Spring/Summer 2023

Bella Hadid, who was displayed in Paris recently, proves that flats can be a part of sporty combinations as she easily adopts every trend. So there’s no reason not to make room for this popular piece now.


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