Working women who follow fashion prefer to wear office combinations that prioritize elegance and comfort. We will examine the key pieces of stylish styles that preserve formal perceptions in your offices in the public and private sectors. Clothing that gives a cool air without leaving the classical line, makes the elegance visible in working women. You can be the most stylish with the combinations made with key pieces that you can wear in friends and private meetings. Let’s take a look at the essential key pieces of your office style together.


A Cut Dress Models

One of the key parts of your office style is A-cut dresses with their minimalist line . You can combine dress models that expand slightly from the waist down, ending at the ankles or knees, with a belt. You can evaluate the options of long arm or lean arm models. As in every place, the nobility of black is at the forefront in your work environment. You can also consider navy blue, gray or cream color alternatives.


Blazer Jackets

Blazer jackets , which are often used in street style, are one of the key parts of office style. The jackets , which reflect a strong woman profile with their masculine style, are among the key pieces that will strengthen every combination such as black and tan. You can make a strong signature with jackets on both trouser combinations and skirt combinations .


White Shirts

While we had maybe one or two white shirts in our wardrobe during our university days , the number of white shirts in our wardrobe has increased with working life . Every working woman has at least five white shirts in different cuts and models in her closet. The white shirt with fabric trousers, jeans, skirts are key pieces.


trench coats

Trench coats are the savior outerwear part of the smart casual combinations we have prepared for our office style . It will be very nice with jacket and trousers combination, as well as dresses and jean shirts. Since the sporty attitude of denim jackets in office style will not be appropriate, trench coats will be a savior option.

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