Once Called ‘World’s Heaviest Kid’, Boy Now Proves That There Is No Goal That You Can’t Achieve !

Arya Permana, a teenager from Indonesia, used to weigh 421 pounds (191 kg). He was so big that he had to take showers outside in a pool that was built just for him. Even though people called him “the fattest kid in the world,” he shows that working hard and setting goals always pays off. Let’s find out more about what happened to Arya.


The boy was called “the fattest child in the world.”

Arya Permana is 15 years old and used to eat rice, fish, meat, vegetable soup, and a traditional soy patty at each of his five meals every day. On average, there was enough food for two adults. The little boy couldn’t walk to school because he would quickly run out of breath. Arya had only been wearing a sarong for a long time because his parents could no longer find clothes that would fit him.


But he decided to make a change in the end.

Arya Permana went from being a boy who weighed 421 lb. to a man who was a lot thinner (191 kg). The Indonesian student has lost a lot of weight and now weighs only 183 lb (83 kg). He has also been trying to get other people to live healthier lives. His trainer, Ade Rai, helped him learn about physical activity and eating well.

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Now, Arya is a sign of hope.

His trainer said that Arya weighed 187 lb (85 kg) when he first met him, but that his appetite quickly grew. Now, he is losing weight without getting sad. This is a rare trait among adults, in particular. He has become a symbol of hope, and now people say things like,

Even Arya can lose weight, so why can’t I?

The kid has a strict schedule for training, eats well, and gets medical care. Arya’s father, Ade Somantri, said that his son’s weight loss was due to medical care, strict exercise, and a diet.

Arya used to be so weak that he could only stand for a few minutes at a time. After major surgery to cut down on how much he eats, he can now play football and other sports with his friends and walk to school. And we couldn’t be happier for him!

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