It is observed that our habits change with the change and renewal of technology day by day. These innovations draw attention the most in watching and listening. At this point, the change in the use of televisions does not go unnoticed. A useful tool for watching television is terrestrial antennas. Later, satellite and cable television technology took a place in our lives and took the pleasure of television to a higher point. Not only that, platforms such as D-Smart and Digiturk that offer service via satellite are encountered. The mentioned platforms allow the channels on television to be watched in a quality way.


It is starting to attract attention on platforms that allow you to watch special content outside of television channels. In particular, brands such as Tivibu, Vodafone TV, Turkcell TV and Türk Telekom, offered by telecom companies, stand out in the sector. Not only that, many other platforms such as Exxen, Netflix, Blu TV are used. The mentioned platforms offer pay television channels and exclusive content. However, nowadays there are platforms that offer users the chance to watch free TV. So, what are free TV Platforms?


Blutv is another platform that creates unique content and makes a sound in the world. On this platform, the contents meet the users at very affordable prices. It is possible to come across live television channels as well as watch alternatives. It is extremely enjoyable to watch content on Blutv, where there are many options from domestic series and movies to foreign series and movies. As a member of this platform, which offers both annual and monthly payments, it is possible to watch quality and original content. It is an extremely reliable application as it does not charge any fees other than these payments. Moreover, Blutv offers various discounts to people who have this platform with an annual payment.


Puhutv is one of the domestic television programs. This television platform offers its viewers both its own original content and televised series. However, the series airs the day after it is broadcast on regular television. Puhutv is frequently preferred by users as a free television platform.

The platform, which hosts both domestic and foreign TV series, takes part in films that attract attention. The site, which only broadcasts Yeşilçam series from the old times, aims to broadcast many more series today. When you enter this site and click on the series and movies category, many options can be encountered. Among the films, there are many popular films such as A Little September Matter, Losers’ Club, Destiny, and Underground. Among the series, it hosts many more TV series such as While Hiding Our Mother, At the End of the Night, Kingfisher, Oh Where, Hear Me, My Life, Judgment, Accidental Love, One of Us, Liar. Today, there are 71 Turkish films on the platform, which hosts 295 foreign films. There are 127 Turkish TV series on the site, where there are quite a lot of domestic TV series. In addition, there are 27 foreign TV series. Enjoying movies and TV shows is something else on Puhutv, which is free!


One of the free television platforms is FOxPlay. It is one of the newest digital platforms in our country and offers both original content and serials broadcast on the FOX channel. Not only that, on this platform, in addition to many different content such as movies, TV series, programs, competitions, movies, series and programs exclusively for digital are available on tablets, mobile and Smart TVs.

This platform, which offers free content, hosts many popular TV series and movies. It is possible to find many categories from Yeşilçam movies to current movies. Although it is still a new platform, it has the opportunity to come across many options. In FOXPlay, you can find TV series broadcast on FOX TV both in the past and today. Especially the missed episodes can be listened to on FOXPlay after a few hours.


YouTube, one of the popular platforms, hosts options that can appeal to every audience. There are many alternatives, from interesting videos to movies, from TV series to instructional videos. So it hosts almost all kinds of content. Moreover, it is possible to watch many movies, series and other videos for free. While some content is illegally uploaded to this platform, some can be uploaded by producer companies. Especially the series that are already broadcast on television can be added in the same quality by the producer companies. It is possible to state that there are many channels that can be watched free of charge on the platform and that it offers a comfortable viewing opportunity.


Tubi TV is also among the platforms that offer free movies and series. It is wonderful to watch content on the platform, which hosts popular and quality content. Tubi TV, where there are many options from domestic TV series to foreign TV series, from local movies to foreign movies, has content that can appeal to all segments. Moreover, no registration is required on this platform. Likewise, there is no option to save a credit card. Although the only drawback is the ads, it offers the person the opportunity to watch for free. Moreover, it offers the option of watching anywhere and anytime on smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, not on TV.


Sony Crackle is becoming another platform that offers free series and movies. Since it contains all kinds of content, it manages to appeal to the taste and expectation of many users. It is frequently preferred especially because it hosts foreign series and movies. However, he also takes part in Turkish TV series and movies. Some TV series are added to the site a few days later. Sony Crackle, a free platform, offers the opportunity to watch TV series and movies not only from televisions, but also from all smart devices.


SnagFilms is one of the television programs that allows you to continue the content from where you left off. Offering countless subtitles and dubbing as well as TV series and movies, this platform has options for every genre. Moreover, it hosts various platforms as well as TV series and movies missed. It is among the most preferred platforms because the content it offers for all ages and all tastes is offered free of charge. Moreover, since there are no advertisements, it provides an uninterrupted enjoyment of movies and series. Only internet connection is needed to watch TV series and movies on this platform.


Although Netflix is ​​not a free program, it is a platform that offers great content to its users for small amounts . It hosts unlimited domestic and foreign content. Moreover, these contents are both subtitled and dubbing. It is known for the number of subscribers and content that made a worldwide impact. There are many options here that appeal to all styles and tastes. There are opportunities to produce original content in every country, and because it is uploaded to this platform, many different cultures can be found on Netflix. Moreover, since it offers the opportunity to download the series and movies it broadcasts, it also offers the chance to watch it anywhere without the use of mobile data. You can access these contents from television, smartphone or other smart devices.

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