Synthetic products form an important part of our lives. The product, which we use in many different areas besides our daily clothes, has the feature that we can call synthetic. From sportswear to tulle, curtains, lingerie, wigs, socks and many similar products can fall into this category. So what does synthetic mean?



The word synthetic means “artificial, artificial” in its meaning. This meaning appeals to different things in the clothing industry. Indicates the source of the raw materials used. While traditional products use plant and animal-based raw materials, these products contain many different types of making raw materials. They are very often made from petroleum and similar raw materials, also known as petrochemical products. They contain certain derivatives of plastic. Not every synthetic garment, or curtain, wig, etc. has to be completely synthetic. With different combinations, products that will appeal to various purposes are produced. As a result of this mixture, many things can be produced with different characteristics, some positive and some negative. The most known synthetic products are; polyester, acetate, acrylic, viscose, vinyl, latex.



Due to the nature of these raw materials, mixing ratio and bond structure, products with different properties emerge. The amount of water put into the tea makes the tea more beautiful and drinkable up to a certain level, and after a while it spoils and spoils its taste. The proportions of added chemicals also bring different properties for a similar reason. Generally, it is cooler, less resistant to heat, and has a relatively short service life. Sometimes, on the contrary, they have the ability to keep the heat inside. In addition to these, although it is easy to produce and cheap; they may be a better solution to some needs. They can have differences in features such as touch, feeling, color. They can come with features that I usually do not expect from traditional clothes, such as waterproofing, sweat removal, heat retention, and less wrinkling. Generally, it is much more difficult to recycle in nature. In this way, washing with a different program due to a texture and raw material will undoubtedly give good results.



What is meant by synthetic washing is generally to wash with a program specially set for washing synthetic products. This purpose of use is to clean sensitive synthetic products without damaging them. This program need not be limited to synthetic products only. washing machinesdoes not use any special chemicals while applying this program. In other words, any other clothes or belongings that you throw in this program will not be exposed to a different substance. The turnover rate of this program is less. They use lower temperatures and sometimes keep the revs short as well. In this way, physical damage is prevented. For these reasons, you do not need to use synthetic washing limited only with synthetic products. But we should point out that the cleaning capacity is slightly less. Some clothes can withstand long, multiple and fast-cycle programs. In such clothes, it is reasonable to increase the temperature and aim for cleaning quality. But it is an excellent choice for products where heavy oil stains are not expected, such as sportswear. If stains are a problem, there are different options. One of them is prewashing. In this way, you can soften some stains and allow them to come off easily. But sometimes we come off the astroturf and spill our bet baklava on ourselves, or our guests’ kid might think splashing soup on the tulle would be a good source of entertainment. If you want to deal with such difficult stains, you can use a stain remover. It is recommended to be done in accordance with the user manuals and to apply it sensitively.



The synthetic washing feature of the washing machine is an option whose program is set for delicate laundry. It consists of lower speed and temperature, and sometimes less speed. It washes delicate clothes without damaging them. In general, the most common of the most delicate clothes are synthetic products, so it is called synthetic washing. Apart from synthetic products, you can wash other laundry with this program. Stain removal power may not be as high as other programs. That’s why it’s always a good idea not to choose. But if you want to protect your sensitive clothes, you can choose this program. In addition, you can wash the clothes that you think are slightly stained with this synthetic wash to save money and protect the laundry. 



Synthetic washing program is the washing program set by the manufacturer especially for washing synthetic products. It is just a button for us, the only thing we have to adjust is the amount of detergent. In fact, the program is much more complex than this simplicity. The washing machine adjusts many features from the number of revolutions to the speed, from the temperature to the drying power. In this way, synthetic products, which are generally sensitive, can be cleaned without damage. Program and washing machineIt is useful to stick to the user guides. It is very possible that we might think that with too much detergent there will be too much cleaning, we have all thought at some point. But more detergent than the washing machine can handle is actually harmful to both clothes and us. Because the washing machine takes a certain amount of water and this is adjusted according to both the laundry mass and the amount of detergent to be used. Extra detergent will not mix with the water and become ineffective. Afterwards, it cannot be rinsed sufficiently from the clothes, as it does not mix with water. Both water and clothing have a certain absorption capacity. We will have to absorb the excess detergent while we use the laundry ourselves. You may like the smell at first, but don’t let this fool you. This act of pouring too much detergent on the dish sponge and smearing it on our hands, and detergent is no different from wasting away. At the same time, while trying to protect delicate clothes, we can also damage them by exposing them to too much detergent.




We often come across a synthetic washing program in washing machines. It is now a very common feature. Synthetic washing program is a washing program designed primarily for washing synthetic clothes. It adjusts the cycle speed, water temperature and washing time of the washing machine appropriately. In this way, it can be safely washed in clothes that are not resistant to high temperatures, as well as in clothes with low physical durability.

We wash a wide variety of things in washing machines. Washing may not be just for cleaning purposes. Sometimes extra hygiene sometimes evokes a sense of novelty. The texture of the laundry is different due to the fabric.


We know that many products are washed, from underwear, socks, dresses, skirts, shirts to wigs, pillows, tulle and curtains, even shoes. Even if we did not wash, we have either seen or heard of the one who washes. Washing machines with which we can wash a wide variety of things in this way have different programs for different purposes. These come with factory production and are already adjusted. What we have to do is to choose the programs related to the relevant laundry and follow the user manuals. We can extend the life of our valuable laundry while ensuring its cleanliness. Problems are not expected from such a use. Synthetic washing program is one of them. Thanks to synthetic washing, you can safely wash your synthetic clothes first. In addition, optionally You can also use it to protect your other delicate laundry. Even if you think that the dirt is very little, you can choose the synthetic washing program to extend the life of the laundry and to save money.

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